AE Reflective Tool Online



Dear Adult Educator,

IAL has developed an Adult Educator Reflective Tool (ART) with the intent of providing an avenue for adult educators (AE) to identify, discover and revisit their professional beliefs and values. From literature, it has been found that an educator's professional beliefs influence the way they carry out their practice. It is hoped that the tool will enhance the AE's self-awareness as a professional, leading to better adult education practice.


The ART will take about 15 - 25 minutes to complete. For each statement, choose the option that reflects how you perceive your own practice and beliefs in adult education. Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. To ensure fluidity and consistency in your response, we suggest that no breaks be taken during this process.

When you complete the questionnaire, a report will be generated and sent to your email account. Your responses will remain confidential with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL).

If you have any queries, you may contact:

This reflective tool has undergone validation and will continue to be validated going forward. Notwithstanding this, all rights are reserved and intellectual properties belong to the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL). No reproduction of this tool is permitted in any format, form, method or manner without permission.

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